Agent Salary

82 Lottery is a new colour prediction gamming platform introduced in India. We have exciting salary system like other popular colour prediction game. Normally it seen “agent’s salary” in colour prediction game start from 100 Rupee onwards, like if you have 3 active members then company pay 100 Rs. to the referring agent.

Agent daily Salary rewards

But in case of “82 Lottery game” here little different and it carrying high salary to attract new agents quickly. Since the platform is new so company is offering big salaries to the agents, so that agents can bring as much as users towards 82 lottery. Don’t wait and start working with us.

Here is our daily salary and Terms & Conditions.

82Lottery Daily Agent Salary List

Active PlayerDaily Salary

82 Lottery Agent Salary Minimum Bet 500

82 Lottery also have agent salary for users who invite users and they bet minimum 500 rupees on that day. If your invited team members getting active daily and their minimum betting amount is 500 rupees then agent receive daily salary as per below chart.

Here’s a table listing out the daily salary rates for agents based on the number of active players they bring in:

Active PlayersDaily Salary

And here are the terms and conditions:

  • Active players are only counted if they bet a minimum of €500 and recharge daily. If fake members are detected, the daily salary will be canceled.
  • Agents must invite at least 5 new members to recharge in order to claim the daily salary.
  • Agents can’t claim the daily salary if less than 30% of their downline is active and recharging, and if they have the same location, bank details, or phone number.
  • For better offers based on performance, agents can contact their agency.
82 Lottery Agent Salary Minimum Bet 500

Agent Weekly Salary Rewards

Here’s another exciting salary reward offered by ’82 Lottery’ to their agents. If an agent invites users and they recharge 3 times within 7 days, the referring agent will receive 1500 rupees for every 10 referrals.

But don’t worry if you don’t pass the minimum for daily active members that 3 times recharge maybe they count in this agent weekly bonus.

Agent Weekly Salary Rewards

FAQs about 82 Lottery Salary

How do I get paid on 82 Lottery?

If you invite friends to play and they recharge three times a day, you can get paid. The more friends you invite, the more you can earn.

How is the payment system different on 82 Lottery?

Unlike other games that pay agents starting from 100 Rupees, 82 Lottery pays higher salaries to attract more agents.

How can I earn daily bonuses as an agent on 82 Lottery?

Invite friends who play regularly and recharge daily. If you bring in at least 10 active players, you can earn a bonus of 588 Rupees.

What happens if I don’t bring in enough active players for the daily bonus?

You might still get a bonus if your players are active during the week, even if they don’t recharge three times a day.

What do active players need to do to count towards the daily salary?

Players need to bet at least €500 and recharge every day. If we find fake accounts, your daily salary might be canceled.

How many new members do I need to invite for the daily salary?

You need to invite at least 5 new members who recharge to claim the daily salary.

Are there any restrictions on claiming the daily salary based on downline activity?

Yes, a certain percentage of your downline must be active and recharge regularly. Members with similar details cannot claim the daily salary.

How can I get better offers on 82 Lottery?

Contact your agency for better offers and incentives based on your performance.

Where can I ask more questions about 82 Lottery?

If you have more questions, you can contact the support team at 82 Lottery for help.