82 Lottery Deposit Not Receive

Q: How i can submit issue about deposit not receive on self-service center 82LOTTERY?
A: To submit deposit not receive on self-service center 82LOTTERY, please follow this step

1. You need to use official service line link https://www.82service.in
2. After you enter the link then close the notification
3. Select issue and choose Deposit not receive
4. Fill your 82LOTTERY ID account
5. Fill deposit amount you transfer
6. Fill UTR number
7. Fill Receiver UPI ID
8. Attach the deposit receipt proof clear and detail
9. Submit issue

82 Lottery Deposit Not Receive

Q: I’m not really understand about the UTR number and Receiver UPI ID where i can find that ?
A: You can find it on the bank / wallet apps you using
1. You open the bank / wallet apps you use for transfer deposit
2. Search on the history transaction / inbox
3. Press the transaction you do to show the detail transfer

You can check also the photo below to see the explanation to check the deposit receipt proof
1. Deposit amount
2. Receiver UPI ID
3. UTR number
4. Time and date transaction
this 4 is need to be show clear and detail so our deposit department can help to check faster

82 Lottery Deposit issue
82 Lottery Deposit issue


Q: How can I check if my deposit hasn’t been received at the self-service center 82LOTTERY?

A: You can check the status of your deposit issue by clicking on “View Problem Status,” then enter your 82LOTTERY ID account and select the problem of “deposit not received.” Finally, click “Search,” and your problem status will be displayed.


Q: I’ve checked, and the status shows “Success” with a note saying “Deposit success process to your account with UTR:xxxx.” What does that mean?

A: This means that our deposit department has already processed your deposit successfully to your 82LOTTERY account. You just need to log in to your 82LOTTERY account to see your updated balance.


Q: What if my deposit issue status shows “Reject”? Does it mean my deposit was rejected by the 82LOTTERY deposit department?

A: If your deposit status shows “Reject,” don’t worry, we’ll explain. There are a few reasons for rejection that you should know about:

  1. Reject “Deposit not received yet, we will follow up your deposit, please wait patiently”: This means that your deposit has not been received by the 82LOTTERY deposit department yet. Please be patient, as our specialists will follow up on this for you. Avoid submitting it repeatedly. You can also check with your bank for the UTR status and resubmit your query to understand the status of your deposit.
  2. Reject “Provide proof of receipt with date, time, UTR, and amount”: This means that the deposit proof you submitted does not show all the necessary details clearly. Ensure that your proof includes the amount, UTR number, UPI ID receiver, date, and time.
  3. Reject “Incorrect ID account. Provide the correct ID”: Please double-check if the ID account you submitted on the self-service center 82LOTTERY is correct.
  4. Reject “Proof is incorrect, provide the correct proof of receipt”: Please review your deposit proof receipt to ensure it is the correct one.
  5. Reject “Check ID and receipt since it’s not a match”: This means you need to verify if the deposit form on the 82LOTTERY ID account and the proof receipt have matching details such as date, time, amount, and payment channel used.
  6. Reject “Resubmit form and fill in receiver UPI ID”: This means that the deposit issue form you submitted on the self-service center 82LOTTERY did not fill in the UPI ID receiver, which our deposit department requires for faster processing.
  7. Reject “Provide proof of receipt with UPI ID receiver shown!”: This indicates that the proof receipt you provided does not show the UPI ID receiver, which our deposit department needs for faster processing.