82 Lottery illegal betting detected

Hi, you are tired by illegal betting from you or your team ends, then you have to stop this as soon as possible to avoid repeated stoppage of your bonuses and salary.

Your salary may stuck due to illegal betting detection by system. There are lot of illegal betting may encountered by system.

82 Lottery illegal betting

82 Lottery Possible illegal Betting

Here, I will show you the possible illegal betting that you should avoid doing from next time, this will save your bonus, salary and team commission. It may stuck at any time due to any illegal task made by you or your team.

Let’s find the possible that task may caused for illegal betting-

  • Multiple Trade: Trading on big & small or red & green in same period. One can trade either one in a period. Most of people doing this mistake, they trade big and small at the same time to convert their bonus into real money before withdrawal, but its an illegal act doing by you unknowingly. Trading on multiple number(not more than 7 digit at a time) also an illegal act.
  • Multiple Account: It seems users are creating multiple account by different mobile number and are trading with a same IP address. This is easily traceable, once it tracked, your all transaction will be hold till the good result found by finance. See here few guy using same IP address in multiple account.
multiple IP address
  • Multiple Name with Same Bank: It was also noticed that users are betting with same registered name and same bank account number, this is never expecting by finance, if it so noticed, that users never getting withdrawal till the details get corrected. Here I am giving you this month users data from where you can see same name users having same bank, what they do, which is again an illegal act.
Multiple Name with Same Bank

How To Avoid illegal Betting To Get Regular Rewards

To get your salary and bonuses at time you must avoid above activity as soon as possible. Your daily commission also reduced due to this illegal activity. Finance always cut that commissions those accumulated by illegal betting.

So keep this always in mind and keep reminding to your team to avoid the hassle free betting.

Withdraw Rejected due to illegal Betting

[Illegal Bet] Withdrawal rejected due system detected doing illegal bets, please contact customer service to get assistant.
The following are lottery betting rules:
It is prohibited to bet big and small/odd and even/red and green or more than 7 digits and above (including 7 digits) in the same round of the game. if you have any other questions click customer service on below to get support!

Example: betting in a one-minute period with BIG and SMALL. We hope this warning will be followed. Your profit can be deducted if we are caught cheating again. Here are the game regulations:

Game regulations

  • Placing two-sided bets on the same game at the same time is prohibited (for instance, choosing green and red or big and small in the same round).
  • When placing a number wager, a total of seven numbers may be chosen for a single wager (no more).
    Please play normally without any violations, and now you can submit a withdrawal if you want or continue playing the game. Wish you good luck. Thank you

FAQs About Illegal Betting and its Consequences

What constitutes illegal betting?

Illegal betting includes activities like engaging in multiple trades simultaneously, operating multiple accounts from the same IP address, and using the same name with the same bank account for betting.

Why should I be concerned about illegal betting?

Engaging in illegal betting can lead to the withholding of bonuses, salary, and team commissions. Your financial rewards may get stuck due to detection by the system.

How does illegal betting affect my salary?

Illegal betting activities can result in the detection of suspicious transactions by the system, which may lead to delays or stoppage of your salary until the issue is resolved.

What are some common examples of illegal betting?

Examples include trading on both sides (big & small or red & green) simultaneously, trading with multiple numbers, creating multiple accounts with the same IP address, and using the same name with the same bank account.

What are the risks of engaging in multiple trades at once?

Trading on multiple sides or numbers in the same period is considered illegal and can lead to the withholding of bonuses and salary. It’s important to trade only one side or number at a time to avoid this issue.

Why is using multiple accounts with the same IP address problematic?

Operating multiple accounts from the same IP address is easily traceable and violates betting regulations. Transactions from such accounts may be held until further investigation by the finance department.

What is the significance of using the same name with the same bank account?

Betting with the same registered name and bank account number is frowned upon by finance departments. Transactions from such accounts may be subject to scrutiny, potentially delaying withdrawals.

How can I avoid engaging in illegal betting?

To ensure regular rewards and commissions, it’s crucial to refrain from activities like trading on multiple sides simultaneously and operating multiple accounts from the same IP address. Stick to one trade at a time and use unique credentials for each account.

What are the consequences of illegal betting on my daily commission?

Engaging in illegal betting can result in reduced daily commissions, as finance departments often cut commissions accumulated through such activities.

How can I ensure hassle-free betting for myself and my team?

Stay vigilant and remind your team members to avoid illegal betting practices. By adhering to betting regulations and refraining from prohibited activities, you can ensure timely rewards and a smoother betting experience for everyone involved.

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