82 Lottery Monthly Gold Award

Are you ready to jump into the excitement of the 82Lottery Gold event? We’re super excited to show you not just the big prizes, but also the cool consolation rewards waiting for our awesome participants! Sure, everyone talks about the top prizes, but these consolation goodies are just as awesome. They’re packed with valuable rewards for all you lottery enthusiasts out there!

82 Lottery Monthly Gold Award

A Closer Look at the Consolation Prizes:

1st Prize: Apartment

  • 20,000 Invitations
  • Prize: Luxury Apartment (Valued at USDT 176,473)

2nd Prize: Car

  • 6,000 Invitations
  • Prize: New BMW X1 2023 (Valued at USDT 66,881)

3rd Prize: Diamonds

  • 2,000 Invitations
  • Prize: Diamonds worth 15,00,000 RS (Valued at USDT 41,000)

4th Prize: Pure Gold Bars

  • Quantity: 500 Invitations
  • Prize: Pure Gold Bars Worth RS 5,00,000 (USDT 11,400)

5th Prize: Golden Treasure

  • Quantity: 200 Invitations
  • Prize: Golden Treasure worth 2,00,000 RS (USDT 4,568)

6th Prize: Golden Treasure

  • Quantity: 150 Invitations
  • Prize: Golden Treasure Worth 1,00,000 RS (USDT 1,825)

7th Prize: Golden Treasure

  • Quantity: 100 invitations
  • Prize: Golden Treasure worth 50,000 RS (USDT 910)

8th Prize: Gold Treasure

  • Quantity: 75 Invitations
  • Prize: Gold Treasure worth 30,000 RS (USDT 365)

9th Prize: Gold Treasure

  • Quantity: 50 Invitations
  • Prize: Gold Treasure worth 20,000 RS (USDT 270)

10th Prize: Gold Treasure

  • Quantity: 30 Invitations
  • Prize: Gold Treasure worth 10,000 RS (USDT 180)

11th Prize: Gold Treasure

  • Quantity: 20 Invitations
  • Prize: Gold Treasure worth 5,000 RS (USDT 45)

How To apply For Gold Award

After achieving the target, you may need to contact with your agent or Teacher to claim the award. This monthly award will be distributed to the eligible agents after every month end.

Here we will update the telegram Customer care Gold award claim link after the month end. Keep visiting this page to get the latest update.

Excitement Awaits!

These incredible consolation prizes are a testament to our commitment to rewarding every participant in the 82Lottery event. Whether you secure the grand prizes or one of these exclusive consolation rewards, each win is a celebration of your participation and support.

Remember, the thrill of the lottery isn’t just about winning the biggest prizes—it’s about the excitement of the journey, the anticipation of the draw, and the possibility of being among the lucky winners. So, don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this thrilling event!

For more information and to join the excitement, reach out to our respective agents. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with anticipation, surprises, and, most importantly, rewards!

Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the grand draw date. The 82Lottery event is about to redefine excitement, so make sure you’re part of the action!

Let the countdown begin! 🎉

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