AR Wallet-Colour Prediction Game

AR wallet is a digital encrypted wallet, used to collect payment or recharges from your existing colour prediction app. AR wallet is introduced by Government of India to reduce the fraudulence in digital payment. Its very quick and safe enough for us.

AR wallet is added almost all of the colour prediction apps to make the recharges quick and safe. Trust me dear specially recharges is very safe in AR wallet. Keep fun in your AR wallet and use this for daily recharges in Colour prediction app.

AR Wallet

What is AR Wallet?

AR Wallet” is a digital encrypted wallet used for payment transaction between two platform. This is a part of digitalization of Indian government towards next level. Its quite safe and secure. Since the process is improving, yet to add new features under this payment gateway.

How To Register in AR Wallet?

To register in AR wallet you need to know for what purpose here you are going to use it. If you are using colour prediction game, then its very simple to register, just follow below steps and you good to complete the process.

Steps To Register in ARWallet

  • Visit Your current Colour game app.
  • Go to account withdraw or deposit section.
  • Click on Activate ARWallet.
  • Register with your mobile number then verify using OTP and set 4 digit pin number.
  • Set again password before submission
  • Now keep your PIN number for regular used and save it in your notepad.
How To Register in AR Wallet?

How To Recharge in Colour Prediction app using ARWallet?

Since AR wallet is integrated with the colour prediction app so there is very minimum chances of failing recharges if you used AR Wallet. To recharges in Colour prediction app you need fun in your AR Wallet, so make sure you added enough fun in your AR wallet before recharges for prediction app.

How To Deposit in ARWallet?

You can deposit in AR Wallet using your bank, PhonePe, Google pay and more. You can withdraw your colour prediction wallet balance directly to your AR wallet and same amount you can use for recharges as per your needs in future. Same amount you can withdraw to your bank account too.

Steps To Remember Before Withdraw?

  • Always check selected wallet before withdraw.
  • Before withdraw select wallet, important steps to follow every time.
  • Since you have two options now in same app, you can use any one for withdraw each time.


Hope this blog post helps you to get the details, We have limited information about ARWallet, once we get enough source, we will update the this blog post to provide best results to our readers. If You want to know about me! You check out our About us page.

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FAQs About AR Wallet

What is AR Wallet?

AR Wallet is a digital encrypted wallet introduced by the Government of India to facilitate payment transactions and recharges, particularly in colour prediction apps.

How does AR Wallet help reduce fraudulence in digital payments?

AR Wallet employs encryption technology to ensure quick and secure payment transactions, thereby minimizing the risk of fraudulence in digital payments.

How secure is AR Wallet?

AR Wallet is designed to be quick and safe for users, employing encryption methods to safeguard payment transactions and personal information.

What platforms is AR Wallet integrated with?

AR Wallet is integrated with almost all colour prediction apps, making recharges quick and safe for users.

What is the purpose of AR Wallet in digitalization efforts by the Indian government?

AR Wallet is a part of the Indian government’s digitalization initiatives, aiming to streamline payment transactions and take digital payments to the next level.

How can I register for AR Wallet?

To register for AR Wallet, simply follow the registration process provided by the colour prediction app you are using. Registration is quick and simple.

How do I recharge in a colour prediction app using AR Wallet?

Recharging in a colour prediction app using AR Wallet is straightforward. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your AR Wallet and follow the app’s instructions for recharging.

How can I deposit funds into AR Wallet?

You can deposit funds into AR Wallet using various methods, including bank transfers, PhonePe, Google Pay, and more.

Can I withdraw funds from AR Wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw funds from your AR Wallet and transfer them to your bank account. Additionally, you can use the funds for recharges in the future.

Is there a minimum amount required for recharges using AR Wallet?

While using AR Wallet for recharges in colour prediction apps, ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the recharge amount. There is no specific minimum amount required, but having enough funds is essential to avoid failed transactions.

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