How to Change Bank in 82 Lottery Game

The 82 Lottery Online Games have given many opportunities to earn big amounts for the online lottery players. Whether it is Win Go or any other online lottery version, the games let individuals win massive amounts. Besides, a few of the 82-Lottery accountholders serve as online lottery agents. They receive money depending on the downline members and their specific levels.

However, what should a member or an agent do, if he needs to change the bank details shared for money withdrawal in the 82-Lottery Game? The answer is to simply delete your old bank account shared with your 82-Lottery account.

Steps to Change/Delete the 82-Lottery Bank Account

If you want to delete your existing bank account details connected to the 82-Lottery Game, you must follow the below steps-

Step 1-Share Your Selfie Photo by Holding a Valid Identity Card

Use your mobile phone to take your selfie picture by holding your valid identity proof or identity card in hand and sharing it with the 82-lottery platform. You may use any identity card, like a Driving License, PAN Card, or Aadhar Card. Regardless of the card you use, it must highlight your full name.     

Selfie Photo by Holding a Valid Identity Card

Step 2-Share the Photo/Screenshot of Your Bank Account.

Once you are done with uploading your photo and a valid identity proof, you must share the photo/screenshot of your bank account details. The details are the account holder’s name, his account number, and the branch’s IFSC code. Alternatively, you may share a screenshot/photo of your bank statement that contains the same information.

Photo/Screenshot of Your Bank Account.

Step 3-Share the Receipt of Your Last Deposit.

Lastly, you should share the complete details of the receipt showing your last deposit made from your 82-Lottery ID account.

Receipt of Your Last Deposit.


  • Make sure to process the deletion of your bank account with the 82-lottery platform by providing the requirements.  
  • The 82-lottery team is not responsible for any bank-related issue, which may take place in the future from your account ID.


Overall, removing or deleting existing bank details shared with the 82-Lottery online is easy. Agents and members only need to strictly follow the guidelines/on-screen instructions, use valid identity proofs, and provide their bank account and receipt details with the utmost care and attention. 

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