How to Check Yesterday’s Agent Promotion Data in 82 Lottery?  

Agents in 82 Lottery Online Games have their significant roles in bringing in new members to the lottery platform. For this, the lottery platform rewards multiple lucrative bonuses to their agents.

However, the question is how an 82 Lottery Agent or the website owner can check Yesterday’s or the latest promotion data in the platform. For this, we have shared step-by-step guidelines with explanations to check the Yesterday agent promotion data in 82-lottery online.    

How to Check Yesterday’s Agent Promotion Data in 82 Lottery?  

Steps to Check Yesterday’s Agent Promotion Data

  • First, you must use your phone number and password to log into the 82-Lottery Online platform.
  • Now, click on promotion to open your Agent’s promotion page.
  • Once the page opens, you will get every data related to your commission, and the number of registrations done by direct or team subordinates. Also, you will get details about the number of people depositing money for the first time.
Steps to Check Yesterday’s Agent Promotion Data

Detailed Explanations/Analysis of the Highlighted Data

Total Commission of an Agent

Yesterday’s total commission of the 82-Lottery agent highlights the total commission earned by a higher-level agent from the platform. The commission amount will be the percentage he received from the website by adding new individual members to it.   

Besides, the commission amount also includes the percentage, when his invited member/members further invite others to join the 82-lottery and they make their first deposits. The commission amount is the summation of the percentage received by the 82-Lottery agent from his direct and team subordinates.      

Direct Subordinates

Direct subordinates are the members, who join and make their deposits in the 82-Lottery Online platform via the invitation link sent by the respective agent.

Team Subordinates

Team subordinates accept the invitation link sent by the already registered members (invited by the agent) of the 82-Lottery platform. Later, they complete their registration and deposit money to be the 82 lottery members.  

Deposit Number and Deposit Amount

Deposit Number displays the number of people who deposited money to the 82-Lottery Platform from the direct or team subordinates. The deposit amount data shows the total amount deposited to the 82-Lottery online site from the team or direct subordinates.    

Number of People Making First Deposits

Whether it is a team subordinate or direct subordinate, the number of people making their first deposits are the ones who deposit a certain amount to their 82-Lottery wallet for the first time.    


Tracking the promotion data of an 82-Lottery Agent to claim rewards from the website is easy. Be familiar with the common terminologies and follow the steps to check your Agent level and commission regularly.  

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