How To Check New Registration Data in 82-Lottery

For a long time, agents at the 82-Lottery Online have strived hard to bring new members to its platform. For this, agents send invitation links, take follow-ups, and entice others to be registered members.

Also, agents motivate people to deposit money regularly to the 82-lottery platform to continue with their gameplays. Indeed, agents also need to check whether their invited individuals have registered to the 82-lottery website. In this situation, you must check the live data of new users’ registration in the 82-lottery online.  

Steps to Check the Live Data for New Users’ Registration

  • Use your login credentials (phone number and password) to log into the 82-Lottery Online.
  • Click on Promotion and let the website open the Promotion Window.
  • Once the Promotion Window of your 82-Lottery website opens, you will get many details related to the Agent’s Promotion Data. These include your commission as an agent, direct and team subordinates, number of registered members, and members who have deposited for the first time.
  • After you scroll downward, the Promotion page of the 82-Lottery website will show a few other menus. These include the Invitation Link with the invitation code, subordinate data, new subordinates, commission details, invitation rules, the agent line customer service, and the rebate ratio.
  • Now, if you as an agent want to get details about the new subordinates or new users’ registration, click on new subordinates.
  • Here, you will get details about Yesterday’s and Today’s new users’ registration on the 82-Lottery Online. Moreover, you will get information on the number of new subordinates or new users registered to the 82-Lottery website for the month.

82 Lottery Live Promotion Data

82 Lottery Live Promotion Data
  • To check live promotional data under promotion tab, you need to click on right top corner tab showing in the image, follow the image and do accordingly.
  • Here you find today, yesterday & this month member joining data. If you check today invitation data then you can see the latest member joining under your link.
  • In member joining data you can see member registered mobile number, date & time he join under you.


To conclude, we should say that tracking the data related to new users’ registration lets agents improve their promotional strategies for 82-Lottery Online. Strictly follow the easy steps shared to get the live data for the new users’ registration at the website.  

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