What is Game in Game out in 82-Lottery Game

Nowadays, the 82-lottery online platform is one of the most reliable and lucrative platforms for everyone who wants to enjoy online lottery games. Also, the website has gained popularity for organizing the popular Aviator Mini Games. Accordingly, many regular online lottery players sometimes try their luck in popular Aviator Games to win even more from the platform.

Whenever this game in issue u faced in your lottery game, just go to wallet and click on main wallet transfer button showing in the image. One click and your problem gonna solved quickly.

Game in Game out

However, switching to mini-games from regular lottery variants may sometimes cause withdrawal-related difficulties. In this situation, players must be familiar with game-in and game-out conditions associated with Aviator winnings on the 82-Lottery website.

Game-in in the Lottery Game

Suppose regular lottery players win rewards from the Aviator variants or any other Mini Game and return to their regular games. Here, the winning balance may not be displayed in the players’ main wallet. In other words, Instead, the winning balance remains present in the 23-in movement wallet or the alternative wallet.

lottery game in issue

Game-out in the Lottery Game

The game-out condition occurs when the players take back their winning amounts from the Aviator game’s temporary wallet or 23-improvement wallet to the main wallet or game account’s wallet. For this, users need to click on the Main Wallet Transfer. The entire process of transferring the money back to the game account’s wallet refers to Game Out.

lottery game out issue


Your transaction stream will display everything related to the money withdrawal and rewards you win from the Aviator Games and regular lottery games. However, the wallet may show zero balance temporarily while trying Mini Games.


The 82-lottery online platform keeps your winnings and rewards securely in your Account Wallet always. However, if you find zero balance in your Main Wallet after playing Mini Games, do not panic anymore. Instead, follow the Game-in and Game-out rules of lottery games and transfer the entire winning amount to your Main Balance.   

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