How to Remove Turnover Before Withdraw the Wallet Balance

82-Lottery Platform has become a renowned online lottery website for offering plenty of lucrative recharge bonuses. Accordingly, one can receive up to 3rd recharge bonus for recharging their account for 3 times. In contrast, the bonus system closes automatically after the third recharge bonus of a member ends.

Remove Turnover Before Withdraw the Wallet Balance

On the other hand, agents operating at the ground and low levels may get a certain percentage of the recharge bonus whenever a new member deposits money to the 82-Lottery website. Now, the question is how the agents can use their obtained recharge bonus percentage from members as their real money. Here comes the role of turnover removal before withdrawing one’s wallet balance.  

For Normal Agents and Members

Many agents working at ground level or lower levels often bring approximately Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 as a percentage of recharge bonus amounts via their invited members. In this situation, agents need to convert their recharge bonus percentages into real money. Accordingly, they must place bets with the same amount in a lottery variant or a Mini Game found on the website.

For Special Agents of the Platform

Special agents of the 82-Lottery Online Platform are the ones, who bring a minimum recharge of 2 lakhs to a maximum of 20 lakhs from their direct and team subordinates. As higher-level agents, they receive exclusive offers from the website and communicate with the website mentors/teachers directly.

Moreover, 82-Lottery site owners give certain relaxation to the special agents and remove their turnover on request immediately. In other words, higher-level agents are not mandated to play and place bets on their recharge bonus percentages to convert them into real money. If this is not enough, higher-level agents may let mentors/teachers communicate directly with lower-level agents.  


Overall, the turnover removal rule in the 82-Lottery Online differs for regular agents and special agents. Strictly go through the website guidelines related to placing bets or requesting to remove turnover from the online lottery platform.

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