What is Legal and Illegal Betting of Color Prediction Game


Color prediction games have recently become a popular online game in different regions of India. These games consist of simple steps to play. Accordingly, players only need to guess either a number, group of numbers, or color to display in the next circle.

Legal and Illegal Betting

 A few games even last only for one minute, which makes lottery and color prediction games more popular in India. However, individuals willing to try their luck must be aware of the legal and illegal betting options associated with the respective game.  

Legal Bets in Color Prediction Games

You must be aware of the available legal betting options-

  • Big or Small Category

In this type of bet, you may choose a group of big or small numbers randomly. Here, small numbers start from 0 and end at 4. The big numbers commence at 5 and end at 9.    

  • Individual Numbers

You may place a bet on any individual number between 0 and 9.

  • Red, Green, Violet Colors

One can place bets in any of the red, green, or violet colors. However, violet is available rarely in games. Instead, players need to place bets in ‘Red’ or ‘Green’ color.

Illegal Bets in Color Prediction Games

You already have gained knowledge on legal betting options. Now, it is time to learn about illegal bets, which include the following-

  • Small and Big Categories Simultaneously

You cannot choose to bet on the ‘Big’ and ‘Small’ categories simultaneously. Otherwise, the website will cancel your participation.

  • Combination of Big with Numbers 0 to 4

As discussed before, numbers starting from 0 and ending in 4 belong to the ‘Small’ category. Hence, if you place bets on Big + numbers 0 to 4, you end up with an illegal bet.

  • Combination of Small with Numbers 5 to 9

Like the previous case, numbers between 5 and 9 belong to the ‘Big’ category. Hence, placing bets on Small + numbers between 5 to 9 results in an illegal bet.

  • Simultaneous Betting in Red and Green

Lastly, you cannot place bets on both ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ colors in a single game. Otherwise, the website will consider it an illegal bet.


Overall, color prediction games offer lots of fun and enjoyment to players. Just make sure to be familiar with legal and illegal bets to avoid losses, bans, or penalties in their gameplay.

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