82 Lottery Fast Withdrawal Trick

Nowadays, 82 Lottery Online has become a reliable and lucrative platform to earn extra money by playing diverse lottery and color prediction games. Many people have won massive rewards even by playing 1-minute or 5-minute lottery games.

82 Lottery Fast Withdrawal Trick

However, many players are curious to learn the fast withdrawal trick from the 82 Lottery platform. For this, we have shared the USDT-based money withdrawal methods and discussed how the USDT technique serves as a fast withdrawal trick.

USDT Withdrawal Methods Offered by 82 Lottery Online

Players who want to withdraw their winnings via the USDT withdrawal method must follow the below steps-

Generate Your USDT Address via TRC20 of Trust Wallet

If you want to withdraw your winnings in USDT, you must use a third-party app referred to as Trust Wallet. Create your account in Trust Wallet by entering your details and filling in your KYC. Confirm your details to let Trust Wallet create your address for USDT transactions. Accordingly, you will get your Trust Wallet address for USDT transactions from TRC 20.

Generate Your USDT Address via TRC20 of Trust Wallet

Visit the Withdrawal Menu

Once you generate a valid TRC 20 address, you should visit the withdrawal menu of 82 Lottery online and select the USDT method.

Select Address Format and Main Network

You need to select the address format USDT and the main network TRC.

Bind Your USDT Address

Now, you need to bind your USDT address created from TRC 20. For this, copy the address from TRC 20 corresponding to USDT and fill it in the 82 Lottery’s USDT address section.

Save and Verification

Once you enter the details, click Save and let the SMS verification menu display on your device screen.

Click Send

Click the button Send and wait for a while so that 82 Lottery Online sends your withdrawal amount to your TRC 20 address created on Trust Wallet.

Getting Back the Withdrawal Amount to Your Bank from TrustWallet via Binance

Now, you have received the USDT withdrawal amount in your Trust Wallet from the 82 Lottery Online. However, the question is how one can now get the respective withdrawal amount in their bank accounts. For this, you need to follow some additional steps and select another third-party payment app referred to as Binance or Suncrypto. Even though the choice depends on a specific player, most USDT users choose Binance. The steps are as follows-

Binance Account Creation

Follow the same procedure (filling out your personal and bank details or KYC) to create your account in Binance. Now, you may trade in Binance via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies of your choice. Alternatively, you may now use your Binance account to withdraw money from other wallets. (Trust Wallet in this case).

Withdraw the Amount from the Trust Wallet App

Now, open your Trust Wallet app and click the tab of Wallet. Here, you need to choose the wallet that contains your USDT or your address in TRC 20. Follow a few on-screen instructions and select the ‘Withdraw’ button. Here, you need to enter the USDT amount that you want to withdraw and click on the Submit button.

Select Your Destination Address in Binance

Lastly, you should enter your Binance account details, which will be your destination address, and choose Continue. Never forget to review your transaction details before the confirmation. Once you receive the amount in Binance, you may easily get it in your bank account.


Withdrawal via the USDT method involves a relatively less possible period as compared to the traditional bank method. Therefore, if you want to withdraw your winnings/rewards faster, we recommend you use the USDT method as a fast withdrawal trick.

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