How To Bet on Big Small in 82 Lottery

For a long time, 82 Lottery Online has remained a premier online lottery platform for players in India. Win Go or other lottery variants, players love to play each one by simply predicting the coming number or a category from two categories ‘Big’ and ‘Small‘.    

Big Small in 82 Lottery

If you are the one who wants to earn some extra money, try lucrative lottery games at 82 Lottery Online. However, before starting your gameplay, you must be familiar with the terms ‘Big’ and ‘Small’ associated with an online lottery platform. At the same time, you must learn the steps to place bets on Big-Small and how to avoid illegal betting.

Big and Small Categories in 82 Lottery Gameplays

Like any other online lottery game, Win Go and its variants at 82 Lottery Online allow players to place bets on any number starting from 0 to 9. Here, numbers between 0 and 4 are categorized as ‘Small’ numbers, and the numbers between 5 and 9 are ‘Big’ numbers.

Now, if we talk about Win Go games, players need to predict the right category to win in the upcoming draw. Alternatively, players can select to wager on colors as well. However, you will learn here the rules to place bets on big and small categories in the 82 Lottery platform only.

Register/Login as a Preliminary Step

  • To start Win Go or any other lottery gameplay, you must use your phone number and password to log into the 82 Lottery website.
  • Follow the necessary on-screen instructions to open the game of your choice, for instance, the Win Go 1-minute game.  
  • Now, you will get numbers from 0 to 9 and colors such as Red, Green, and Violet. A few games will also display Odd and Even numbers.

Dos and Don’ts to Place Bets on Big-Small Categories

Dos List to Play Safely

  • Select any number from 5 to 9 or the category Big and wait for the result.
  • Choose any number between 0 and 4 or the category Small and check the result.
  • Depending on your chosen game, like 5D Lotre, you may even place bets on Odd and Even numbers.

Don’ts to Avoid Illegal Betting

  • Never choose any number ranging from 5 to 9 with the ‘Small’ category.
  • Never opt for any number from 0 to 4 with the ‘Big’ category.
  • Avoid placing your bets on the Even and Odd categories simultaneously.


Both 5D Lotre and K3 Lotre allow their players to wager multiple bets, like the ‘Odd’ and ‘Big’ categories simultaneously. However, never forget to analyze the dos and don’ts to prevent illegal betting.


If a player places in the ‘Big’ category and selects either of the 5, 7, and 9 as ‘Odd’ category bets, 82 Lottery will consider it as a legal bet. In contrast, if the player selects 1, or 3 as the ‘Odd’ category, his betting will become illegal.    


Therefore, lottery games at 82 Lottery Online give an entertaining and a lucrative platform for online game lovers to make money. Make sure to stay abide by the specific game rules to avoid any illegal betting and make the most of your favorite online lottery games.

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