What are the Bet Rewards in Different Win Go Lottery Games

Win Go games at 82 Lottery Online are exciting lottery gaming variants for every online game lover. Here, players get a chance to combine their choices intelligently. The gameplay begins by selecting numbers belonging to a specific range/set. Besides, one can place their bets on colors. The outcome of the game depends on the way, your choice matches with a random draw. However, the question is what rewards players may receive by placing their bets on Win Go variants. For this, we will analyze the reward system for diverse bets in the 82 Lottery Online in our blog post.

Bet Rewards in Different Win Go Lottery Games

Reward System for the Bets in the 82 Lottery Online

Rewards earned by players in Wingo lottery games in 82 Lottery Online depend on the types of their placed bets-

Reward for Big and Small Category Predictions

Whether it is Win Go 1 Minute, Win Go 3 Minute, or any other Win Go variant, players always show their keen interest in the category predictions. Now, if we talk about the reward, here players get the full reward for their placed bets excluding a deduction of 1% or 2% depending solely on your bet amount and the Win Go lottery variant.

On the other hand, the deducted amount will go to the upline agent’s account and the website administrators as a commission. For instance, if you wager Rs 100 on either of the ‘Big’ and ‘Small’ categories, you will get Rs 98. On the other hand, 2% will be deducted as a tax from the website.  

Reward for Red, Green, and Violet Color Predictions

The reward for color predictions depends on whether you have played for the ‘Red’ ‘Green’ and ‘Violet’ categories or only on Red and Green. Accordingly, if any gameplay has only ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ options, you will get a full reward. In contrast, if violet comes with red or green reward will be just half.  

Furthermore, like the case of Big/Small predictions, the Win Go game and the 82 Lottery website deduct a small percentage of 1% or 2% as a tax from your bet amount. Also, the agents will receive the deducted tax amounts as a commission from the website. Accordingly, players will receive Rs 98 and Rs 49 as their rewards when they wager with Rs 100 on any one color from the Red/Violet/Green and Red/Green color prediction game.   

Reward for Individual Numbers

A few players also bet on individual numbers from 0 to 9. Rewards for wagering in numbers are the same, as you expect in rewards for Big/Small category bets. Accordingly, your reward will be Rs 98 by deducting 2% for wagering Rs 100 on a specific number between 0 and 9.

Reward on Multiple Bets

If you place multiple bets, like color prediction and Big-Small prediction on Win Go lottery games, you will receive double rewards with a deduction of 2% from each category. For instance, if you wager Rs 100 on both Big/Small and Red/Green colors simultaneously, you will receive a double reward worth Rs 196 (Rs 98 x 2).


Therefore, Win Go lottery games available at 82 Lottery Online offer lucrative rewards depending on the bet/bets you placed. Follow the guidelines strictly and play wisely in your chosen game variant to have a wonderful gaming experience.

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