What are the Bonuses of 82 Lottery Offered to Agents

82 Lottery is a renowned online lottery platform for many lucrative online lottery games for its players. Here, individuals need to dedicate only a few minutes to win big amounts. However, 82 Lottery Online also gives special treats to its online lottery agents.  

82 Lottery Agents bonus

Accordingly, agents of 82 Lottery Online receive recharge bonuses whenever their referred members recharge on the respective platform. The bonus rewards are according to the recharge amounts of the referrals, whose details you will get from our blog post.

Agents’ Bonuses as per the Members’ First Downline Recharge

Agents of 82 Lottery online become part of the website’s lucrative incentive system whenever their downline members make their first/initial downline recharge. The minimum recharge amount for the first downline recharge must be Rs 100, which lets agents receive Rs 38 as the bonus reward.

Agents’ Bonuses as per the Members’ First Downline Recharge

The bonus amount for agents will be Rs 68, Rs 128, and Rs 228 corresponding to the members’ first downline recharge as Rs 200, Rs 500, and Rs 1000. The maximum amount for the first downline recharge of members is Rs 1,20,000 which will give the maximum bonus of Rs 6088 to the agents.

Agent’s Bonuses as per the Second Downline Recharge of Referrals

Agents at 82 Lottery online also get the opportunity to claim bonuses when their referrals make a second downline recharge. The bonus rewards for agents are between Rs 88 and Rs 12,000 based on the recharge amounts of downline members.

Here, the minimum amount for the second downline recharge must be Rs 300 and the corresponding bonus reward of the agent is Rs 88. If the second downline recharge amount becomes Rs 500, the bonus amount will be Rs 138.

The cycle continues and the highest amount for the referrals’ second downline recharge will become Rs 1,20,000. Accordingly, the agent may claim the highest bonus reward of Rs 12,000.

Agent’s Bonuses based on the Third Downline Referral Recharge

82 Lottery online also has Agent Bonus offers between Rs 100 and Rs 12,00 even after their referrals accomplish the third downline recharge. Here, the minimum recharge requirement for a referral must be Rs 1,000 to let the agents claim Rs 100 as their bonus. On the other hand, the maximum amount for the third downline referral recharge must be Rs 1,20,000. Accordingly, the agents will claim a lucrative bonus worth Rs 12,000.

Invitation Bonus Rewards for Agents

82 Lottery online agents may claim their rewards based on the number of people they invite in a week. Accordingly, if an agent invites a minimum of 10 people in a week, he will receive Rs 800 as a bonus reward. The highest bonus reward will be Rs 35,000, which is for the agents who succeed to invite up to 100 people in a week.  


Regardless of the first, second, or third downline referral recharge, the agents’ incentives increase gradually with the increase in payouts per recharge.


Therefore, 82 Lottery Online always gives enough support and praise to the efforts of its agents to invite and motivate users to its platform. Agents grab their rewards and always stay excited to explore their networks in the future.

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