What is attendance bonus in Lottery game?

Bonus is a crucial parameter that entices lottery game lovers to join a specific online lottery platform. Luckily, reputed lottery platforms, like 82 lottery online platform offer regular bonuses to its players. Especially, many 82 lottery players have loved the attendance bonus offered in any lottery game. Here, you will learn about the attendance bonus offers available at 82 Lottery online platform.  

Overview of Attendance Bonus

Attendance bonus refers to the bonus amount received for players, who visit the lottery platform and play consecutively for 7 days. Indeed, the attendance bonus allows players to earn extra from the website. Whenever you register for a new 82 Lottery online account and deposit the money for the first time, the website will give a certain percentage of the amount.

Detailed Analysis of Attendance Bonus at the 82-Lottery Platform

82 Lottery Platform offers attendance bonuses to its regular members by following the below pattern-

  • Players visiting a single day will receive a bonus of Rs 30 and for two consecutive days will get Rs 65.
  • Visiting and playing lottery games consecutively for three days and four days will give the bonus of Rs 200 and Rs 450 respectively.
  • For consecutive five and six days, you will receive Rs 2,600 and Rs 12,000 respectively.
  • Lastly, players who continuously visit the website for consecutive 7 days will receive a massive attendance bonus worth Rs 31,000.

Terms and Conditions to Claim the Bonus

  • The amount of your attendance bonus reward depends solely on the consecutive days you signed in to the website.
  • 82 lottery online offers are available only for genuine players. If the website/company finds any fraudulent activity from any member/agent, the 82 lottery platform will cancel the Attendance bonus immediately. Besides, the platform will cancel or freeze the player’s account.  
  • If you have any query related to the Attendance bonus or the bonus credited to your wallet but not your account, opt for Customer Care help.


82 lottery online platform offers lucrative Attendance Bonuses to its regular players. Visit for many days consecutively to 82-Lottery online to get the highest possible bonus amounts.  

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