What are the Different Types of Recharge Bonuses in 82 Lottery Online?

82 Lottery Online platform has always remained a popular platform for many players belonging to different parts of the world. Whether it is about exciting game plays, lottery variants, game screens/backgrounds, winnings, and rewards, 82 Lottery always wins the hearts of its users. However, a prime reason to join 82 Lottery is its Recharge Bonus.

Different Types of Recharge Bonuses in 82 Lottery

Overview of Recharge Bonus Offers at 82 Lottery Online

The lottery platform offers a maximum of a third recharge bonus to its players. Accordingly, you may get rewards by recharging your UID/account for up to 3 times. However, the auto bonus system will close once you are done with your third recharge.  

Details on Recharge Bonus Offers

The recharge bonus offers on 82 Lottery Online in detail are as follows-

First Recharge Bonus

To qualify for the first recharge bonus, you need to deposit at least Rs 100. The bonus amount will be Rs 28. However, if you opt to deposit a relatively higher amount, like Rs 200, or Rs 500, your first recharge bonus will also be Rs 48 or Rs 108. The maximum amount for your first recharge will be Rs 1,00,000, which lets you claim Rs 8,888 as the first recharge bonus.  

Second Recharge Bonus

The minimum recharge amount to qualify for the second recharge bonus is Rs 100. However, the bonus amount will be Rs 58. Like the first recharge, the maximum recharge amount to qualify for the second recharge bonus is Rs 1,00,000. However, the maximum second recharge bonus amount will be Rs 5,888.

Third Recharge Bonus

The minimum amount for the third recharge bonus is the same i.e. Rs 100 while the bonus reward is worth Rs 38. The maximum amount for the third and the last recharge is Rs 1,00,000. Here also, you will receive a bonus worth Rs 5,888.   

Steps to Claim the First Recharge Bonus

Claim Via Popup Message

Claiming your first recharge bonus as a member is easy. Every time you open the 82 Lottery app, you get a pop-up or notification to Claim your recharge bonus. Click on the Claim Bonus option to get your first recharge bonus instantly.

Alternative Method to Claim Your First Recharge Bonus

If any member fails to claim the Recharge Bonus via pop-up, he may follow a few easy steps to claim it-

  • Open your 82 Lottery online app on your mobile phone and complete your login process.
  • Click Activity followed by the option First Recharge Bonus
  • Get/claim your bonus according to the amount you choose to recharge

Claims for Second and Third Recharge Bonuses

Players need to apply manually to claim their second and third recharge bonuses. Accordingly, one can contact the following available in 82 Lottery Online-

  • Contact your teacher on the lottery platform
  • Contact your agent, from whom you come to know about 82 Lottery online

If you cannot claim your second or third bonus via the mentioned ways, you must contact Customer Care.    


Therefore, 82 Lottery Online includes many exciting and rewarding recharge bonus offers for its players. Follow the necessary guidelines and deposit to collect your lucrative bonus offers.

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