What is VIP Level and What are the Different Benefits under Each Level

For a long time, the 82-Lottery Online platform has offered plenty of lucrative bonuses and rewards to entice and retain its players. One such bonus program is a VIP-level bonus, which gives you special benefits as a VIP member. Here, we will discuss a few key aspects of the VIP level in 82 Lottery and the benefits it provides to the players.  

Overview of VIP-Level in the 82-Lottery Platform

VIP-Level in the 82-Lottery Platform refers to a special feature in the 82-Lottery platform that lets you get special benefits by leveling up your VIP account. According to the rules of 82-lottery, one can reach up to level 10 from level 0 in the Win Go and other lottery variants. Moreover, when you reach the highest level or level 10, you will receive a benefit or VIP bonus of Rs 2,644,420. However, the platform places certain terms and conditions for players when they claim their VIP bonus.  

Benefits Offered to VIP Players of the 82-Lottery Platform

Every VIP player at 82-Lottery Online Platform will receive the following benefits-

  • Players may enjoy a relatively higher rebate rate as they climb up their existing VIP levels. In other words, 82-Lottery VIP members will get improved rebate rates.
  • Every VIP player will get opportunities to unlock their special or exclusive bonuses tailored to the individual VIP status.
  • Every VIP member at 82-Lottery Online may participate and access several exclusive promotions and events dedicated solely to VIP members.
  • Every VIP member will get a one-time reward in a month.

Terms and Conditions

  • The 82-Lottery team settles every VIP-level reward at about 2 am on the first date of every month.
  • One member can claim the bonus only once time after he reaches a new level.
  • VIP players may claim their bonus every month
  • Players at VIP level 1 should never downgrade to level 0. In simple words, one should maintain his existing VIP level.  
  • One must complete his maintenance exp and complete it by 100%. In this way, your level never downgrades or degrades during the resetting time of the month.


If you have a query or fail to receive the required VIP bonus, you may contact Customer Care Help to get fast and dedicated customer support.  


82 Lottery Online Platform has a perfect blend of entertainment, lottery games, and enough opportunities to win financial rewards. Follow the instructions properly to be a VIP member of the online platform and increase your level/rewards gradually. 

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