How to Get Agent Work in 82 Lottery

82 Lottery is very popular because of various games. Besides playing games, you can earn a handsome amount of money by referring this site to your friends. Keep reading this article and learn how to get agent work in 82 Lottery.

About 82 Lottery

As noted above, 82 Lottery is an excellent site, well-known for its catchy games. The good part is this website lets users earn more cash with referrals. That means you have to refer this site to your friends and in return, you can earn cash.

Agent Work in 82 Lottery

How to Become an Agent in 82 Lottery

Becoming an agent can be amazing as you can win a lot of cash. Keep reading the following section to learn how to become an agent in 82 Lottery:

Step 1: First, log in or register to your 82 Lottery account by providing the required details.

Step 2: Once the homepage is opened, go to the Promotion option.

Step 3: As you open the Promotion section, you can get an invitation link and code. You can choose either to invite your friends.

Once your friend opens an account by using the link or invitation code, you will get a commission. The best part is you can get more cash as an agent once your friends start playing on this site.

Best Practice To work As Agent

If you are serious on agent work then you might know your upline, I mean your Teacher or Agent u must have good relation to work smoothly for long time. If you want to work with us contact us and join our team.

Why you need mentors/upline for agent work

Following problems may occur after your team formed. That is why before selecting starting agent work you must know how you can solve below issues-

  • Recharge problem
  • Withdraw problem
  • Withdraw delay
  • Bonus issue
  • Salary issue

If you have a good upline/agent then you can get above solutions timely, otherwise you may always face trouble.


Becoming an 82 Lottery agent and earning cash is easy. All you have to do is follow the rules and invite your friends. If there’s an issue, contact the support team by using agent customer service.

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