How to Get an Agent Demo Account in 82 Lottery & How to Use it Safely?

Today, 82 Lottery has become a top choice for everyone who wants to gain a wonderful experience in the color prediction game. Many players try their luck in numbers or color games by joining the platform. Conversely, 82 Lottery Company adopts promotional strategies to entice others to be valid 82 Lottery Online members.

How to Get an Agent Demo Account in 82 Lottery & How to Use it Safely?

Lottery Games Promotion/Awareness via Demo Accounts

82 Lottery Company regularly creates a few agent demo accounts for video creators and influencers to promote their lottery games.

Demo Agent Accounts Usage and Their Differences from Regular Agent Accounts

Demo agent accounts are somewhat different from regular accounts as follows-

Account Creation

Individuals who want to become 82 Lottery Online agents need to create valid accounts and invite other members to join the platform. On the other hand, demo agent accounts are readymade accounts available to a few video creators and influencers. These accounts have wallet balances of approximately 10 lakhs or even more.  

Single User/Multiple User

If we talk about the regular account, a single UID/82 Lottery account is available for a single user. On the other hand, multiple agents may use a demo UID/82 Lottery account. In other words, about 10 to 12 people may use the same demo account.

Bets and Withdrawal

Real agents may invite other members, place bets, and withdraw their winning amounts according to their choice. However, people with demo agent accounts cannot withdraw their earned amounts. Instead, they can only place their bets on diverse lottery games, like Win Go 1-minute, Win Go 3-minute, and others.

Limitation in Certain Games

Real agents/members may participate in every game of their choice. These include lottery variants, slots, Aviator, and mini-games. However, individuals with demo agent accounts cannot play Aviator and other mini-games.  

Key Measures to Use Agent Demo Accounts Safely

Demo agents as video influencers should regularly use their demo accounts to create videos while playing Win Go and other lottery games.

Every demo agent should use the assigned UIDs and related login credentials responsibly and never share them with others.

No demo agent should change the password to log into the 82 Lottery Online platform.


To conclude, the 82 Lottery online platform assigns demo accounts to influencers for video creativity and to entice players to join the lottery platform. If you possess an agent demo account, use it wisely and for the betterment of the 82 Lottery platform.  

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