Is Two Game UID Safe to Use in Colour Game?

It’s no secret that 82 Lottery is pretty well-known for having several exciting games. From PVC to the colour game, this platform has numerous options. The most amazing thing is you can win cash besides playing games.

However, beginners need clarification about some things. For example, they don’t have an idea about if having two game UIDs is legal. If you are as confused as them, this guide will help you. In this blog, we will clarify if you can have two game UIDs for playing games.

82 Lottery Colour Game

From slots to casinos, 82 Lottery is very popular for having different types of games. The Colour Game is one of the most-played ones where you can win cash. Since this game lets people win big cash, some people make two UIDs to get more cash. But, is this even safe? Keep reading the following section to get the answer:

Can I Use Two Game UID in Colour Game?

No, you can’t use two game UIDs in the Colour game. It’s against 82 Lottery’s policy and if someone uses this trick to win more cash, the official team can even ban both UIDs. Besides that, using the same internet server for multiple devices is also against 82 Lottery’s rules and you may lose your accounts.


Even though 82 Lottery is an attractive platform, you have to be careful while playing games. Before creating an account, read the rules and regulations for a better understanding.

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